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City-to-City Transportation


    City-to-City Transportation in Florida and Nationwide

    Frequent travelers can save time and money by utilizing our City-to-City Transportation Services. Avoid airport security troubles and delays and enjoy the comfort of one of our luxury sedans, SUV’s, Van or other ground transportation vehicles.


    Our City-to-City limousine service is a great alternative to costly flights and provides clients with private chauffeured transportation experience.

     City-to-City limousine service in Florida


    Orlando Limo Cars executes chauffeured management rather than being simply a booking service.

    • Flights are tracked via Flight View tracking software
    • We inform clients with real-time data on the passengers’ movements.
    • Passenger and trip specifics are noted and gone over in full detail with chauffeurs before the trip.
    • Orlando Limo Cars reservationist will build a profile for you and your passengers. You won’t have to remind us who you are.
    • Call/email Orlando Limo Cars any time. Your call will be answered within 3 rings by a live reservationist – no phone matrix to navigate.
    • When you book, your confirmation comes to you within 20-30 minutes.
    • Everything changes in life, including your reservation. Call anytime, make changes, and get a new copy of the updated reservation.
    • Three hours before every trip – we are confirming the latest on your flight information through Flight View tracking software.
    • Just prior to the chauffeur reaching his point of pickup, an Orlando Limo Cars dispatcher will phone him directly and confirm details of the trip.
    • All chauffeurs spot at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time. At Orlando Limo Cars, on time is too late.
    • Orlando Limo Cars informs the client when we confirm with the chauffeur that the passenger has entered the vehicle and dropped off to its destination 

    Orlando Limo Cars Transportation Safety Information

    Your data is safe with Orlando Limo Cars. Our information systems are redundant, off-site, and secure. And best of all, everyone on the Orlando Limo Cars team is under a confidentiality agreement.

    Orlando Limo Cras Transportation Safety

    Orlando Limo Cars selects the best chauffeurs nationwide, profiles them, and tracks their performance. Expert local knowledge and experience is the best way to have peace of mind in an unknown area.

    Customized solutions from a dedicated travel consultant. In-depth industry expertise. Innovative tools and resources. Orlando Limo Cars offers companies of all sizes comprehensive travel services — so you can stay focused on your business.